The BRM Bombers Warbirds, Aviation Stylists

This is the year of the Pilot’s watch – or haven’t you heard?  But it’s not all about black dial/white numerals … true to form Bernard Richards Manufacture see things just a little bit differently.  Last year we termed them the “Garagistas” of watch making, this year they are without doubt the “Stylists” of the aviation watch with their highly colorful BRM Bombers War birds Collection.

There are a few to choose from, all taking inspiration from some iconic aircraft – model builders take note, these are names from your boyhood – the Spitfire, the Mitsubishi Zero and the P-51 Mustang each of which displays some national spirit in its design.

BRM have a unique approach to watch making.  They produce small series, unusual collections.  They cherish the minutiae from the complex cases to the tiniest bespoke screws.  BRM watches are not just made, they are engineered.

Each piece features clever references to its heritage, the roundels of the RAF and the French and US Air forces and the vibrant rising sun symbolic of Japan.  But this is not simply pop art on a dial – these are superbly designed timepieces.  Of course there are the expected propeller-shaped hands, but there are also unexpected rivets, poke-out pushers and surely the best lugs you will see on this year’s bevy of Pilot watches.

The cases measure 45mm and are constructed from stainless steel or PVD coated stainless steel, BRM describe this as “ultra slim 18/8 stainless steel” with ” ultra slim stainless steel specific screws” – like so many well-made watches, the details make the design…

The BRM Bombers War birds Collection will be available later this year.


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