Twitter whistleblower’s complaint to support Elon Musk in legal issue

A whistleblower complaint alleging Twitter ignored a rash of spam and bot accounts will help Elon Musk in his effort to walk away from a $44 billion buyout of the company, legal experts said on Tuesday.

I alerted US authorities to egregious deficiencies in the social media company’s defences against hackers, according to Twitter’s former head of security Peiter Zatko’s complaint. Zatko also was fired from Twitter earlier this year. He pointed that said he had raised concerns at the company in early 2021. He was told by the head of site integrity that Twitter didn’t know how many bots were on the platform.

“If Zatko’s assertions are true, that’s just the kind of smoking gun Musk had to be pinning his hopes on,” University of Pennsylvania law professor Larry Hamermesh concluded.

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