UAE SocialEyez totally acquires Egypt’s BSocial for $1.1mn

UAE-based, digital engagement agency SOCIALEYEZ  announced Wednesday acquiring 100% of Egypt’s BSocial for social media managing and digital marketing solutions. The deal was sealed for about 10 million pounds (US $1.1 million)

This action has been taken by the Emirates’ side to sustain existing investments as well as support Egypt’s economy. BSocial deserved to be the main gate through which SOCIALEYEZ pumps its investments into the local market after realizing impressive results.

Ehab Fares, CEO and co-founder of BSocial sees that the next period will likely witness a transfer of experience SOCIALEYEZ gained over the course of years of work into the Egyptian market. The Emirati agency excels in creating all inclusive package of digital solutions in addition to providing advisory services to help institutions create and manage their social media pages.

This acquisition shall help shed light on the Egyptian experts’ skills in using digital technology at a time the Egyptian market witnesses increasingly growing numbers of social media network users in Egypt. According to the latest statistics, 94 percent of social media users use Facebook and whatsapp on daily basis while 19 percent are Twitter users and 17 percent are Instagram users.

In a report submitted by The Arab Social Media summit 2015, ten Arab countries were listed as the most Facebook users; Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Morocco. On the other hand, whatsapp ranked first as the most used application in KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Algeria.