UK economy turmoil follows Queen Elizabeth’s death

The death of Queen Elizabeth has come against a backdrop of soaring inflation, a slumping currency and the worst cost of living crisis in decades, the country has lost one of its few markers of continuity and stability.

The government of Prime Minister Liz Truss has declared a period of national mourning that will last until the day of the state funeral.

According to that some shops and sporting venues were closed as a mark of respect, but for much of the country, business continued as usual.

The London Stock Exchange said it expected trading to continue during the period of mourning as it will close only for the funeral.

One of the most luxury stores Selfridges has closed its outlets in London, Manchester, and Birmingham and it will reopen it on Saturday.

Moreover, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has repealed a strike involving 115,000 Royal Mail postal workers planned for Friday.

The economic impact of the Queen’s death may be minor, according to chief economist at Berenberg Holger Schmieding told CNN his expectations.

On the other hand, Transport Workers Union has eliminated lockout that organised for next week and later this month on the railways. This would partly reduce the impacts of the mourning’s days, Schmieding added. He continued that the additional tourist revenues will probably contribute to that.

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