Upper House Chairman endorses Relations with Turkey

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy, Upper House (Shura Council) Chairman, stressed the relations between Egypt and Turkey and exchanging experiences on all political, economic and cultural levels through intensifying the prime ministerial and parliamentary visits.

In his meeting with Turkish ambassador to Egypt Al-Hussein Avni Botsali, Fahmy said that “Egypt’s role after Jan 25 revolution will be typical and to be folled in the region”. He expressed his willingness to boost Turkish investments in Egypt and to bolster the partnership between the two sides; especially the Egyptian revolution considers as a big profit for Turkey.

On his side, the Turkish ambassador said that “Egypt with its resources and people’s will is able to achieve success in on the levels of growth and stability”. He illustrated that the Turkish experience based on work; whereas the experience’s success need effort.

He showed his willingness that Egypt passes this transitional period; referring to the necessity of the neighborhood countries cooperation with Egypt; especially it has good relations with many countries.

The ambassador also underscored Egypt’s ability on success is like Turkey, China and Japan’s abilities.


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