US Citizen Found Hanged Not James Henry: Embassy Source

An American citizen found hanged in his prison cell in Egypt’s city of Ismailia has been identified as James Lone, not retired officer James Henry, a source from the US embassy in Cairo told Ahram Arabic news website Sunday evening.

Egyptian authorities had identified the deceased – believed to have committed suicide in his prison cell earlier on Sunday – as 55 year-old retired officer James Henry Allen.

The source did not provide further details on Lone.

The initial prosecution report said the body of James Henry, 55, was found hanging by a shoelace and a black belt at noon in Ismailiya Awal police station.

The US Embassy in Cairo confirmed “that a US citizen, prisoner in Ismailia, died from an apparent suicide.”

According to authorities, the man identified as James Henry was arrested on 28 August on North Sinai’s Al-Arish road on his way to the Gaza Strip with “a map of Egypt and a modern electronic device currently being examined,” the prosecution’s report stated.

Source : Ahram

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