USRA Launches a Portable Indicator To Monitor Rig Activities

Obtaining instant and reliable information is a key component to achieving success in the oil and gas industry. US Rig Activity makes the task that much easier. This new mobile application was designed by analysts to provide an immediate monitor of rig activity and to integrate this information into a convenient, handheld form. US Rig Activity introduces a technologically savvy app and microsite that will prove invaluable to the millions of stakeholders involved in the domestic oil and gas industry. USRA fulfills three crucial functions:

 1- Snapshot report: This directly summarizes where the action is taking place. Who are the most active players? What are the busiest counties? Results can be viewed in various categories: operators, contractors, states, counties and plays.

2- Graphing tool: The tool transforms raw data into historical trend lines. It allows users to choose the region (state, county, play), target (oil, gas, other), drilling direction (horizontal, vertical, directional) and rig type (land and offshore).

3- Export capability: This function lets users send queries to their e-mail account for further analysis.

USRA establishes a perfect device for land and mineral owners, reservoir engineers, buy/sell-side analysts and industry novices. It offers these professions a significant advantage in cultivating, achieving and maintaining profitability in the field. The app was developed by a USRA team that features more than 70 combined years of experience in energy and power commerce. This crucial communications tool is poised to become an industry standard in oil and gas exploration technology.

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