Vodafone Egypt To Launch AVL Service On Sunday

Vodafone Egypt will launch AVL (Automic Vehicle Location) in Egypt in the next Sunday cooperating with the Egyptian Tracking Services and Information Technology (ETSIT) company to identify the geographic  location for vehicles and transferring these information to the owners or the operators of the service, the location will identify by using GPS and the information will transferred through SMS or GBRS.

The service is used to follow the fleet of cars or car service, or emergency vehicles, or expensive construction equipment, as well as public transport buses or trains. This service is useful, for example, in situations like that have contacted Ambulance Facility and wants to send an ambulance within six minutes from receiving the call and can use this service to determine locations of ambulances stationed at the earliest point and chosen to provide the service.

Egypt’s cabinet has agreed to grant a license to (ETSIT) company allowing it to provide automated vehicle location (AVL) services.

The Armed Forces had also agreed to the license, under the stipulation that the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) be solely responsible for providing such services to the military.