Vodafone Provides “Internet Roaming” in 26 Countries

Vodafone has launched internet services outside Egypt through all of its networks in 26 countries at the same local cost for its customers without any additional fees.

Engineer Emad El Azhary – Executive manager of marketing sector of Vodafone Egypt- said that the wide spread of Vodafone’s international networks in various countries should ease the process of providing Vodafone’s services and offers, especially for roaming services.

Al Azhary mentioned that the new offer will provide internet roaming in 26 countries; distributed over all continents.

He added that among the selected countries; there are 3 Arab countries -where Vodafone will provide its new service- which are Saudi Arabia – with STC mobile network-, UAE – with DU mobile network-, and Qatar –with Vodafone Qatar-.

Al Azhary clarified that the selected countries for providing internet roaming through them are: France, England, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Ireland, Albania, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Fiji, Iceland, Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, Kenya, Ghana, Malta, Australia, and India.

He mentioned that the new service also includes Blackberry services, iPhone services, and Mobile Internet service via any mobile phone or USB modem.

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