Wind plants to participate by 12% in Egypt’s power mixture by 2022

Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) plans to generate 12 percent of the power mixture through wind plants within the coming six years .

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad Monday, Director of Planning Department at NREA, Ehab Ismail stated that this step would enhance state’s approach to have power mixture through depending on its alternative and renewable energy sources.

He added that Egypt is currently relying on natural gas on generating power by 91 percent, 8 percent on water resources, and only 1 percent on solar and wind energies.

Ismail clarified that achieving power mixture would be inevitable through expanding renewable energy projects until renewable sources represent 20 percent of the power mixture within the coming 6 years.

The official clarified that the depending on one energy sources was the main factor behind Egypt’s electricity crisis that happened during summer 2014 due to the shortage in fuel amounts necessary for generating power.