World Bank studies enhancing Egypt’s subsided bread, commodities systems

Egyptian supply minister Khaled Hanafy held Friday an expanded meeting with World Bank’s Managing Director Sri Mulyani to enhance Egyptian experience in applying subsided bread and commodities system.

The meeting was attended by Egyptian Planning ,Follow-Up and Administrative Reform Ashraf El Araby.

Hanafy and Mulyani – who is also Chief Operating Officer at WB- discussed the possibility of applying subsidiary system in another fields notably health, education, cement, and fuel to boost resources distribution to reach better living standard.

WB has invited Hanafy to visit its headquarters in Washington, D.C. to explain the Egyptian experience in applying systems of subsided bread and supply commodities and how they contributed in raising living standard of the Egyptian citizen.

During his visit, Hanafy met with senior officials at WB to discuss the Egyptian experience and its economic impacts on reaching the social justice.