World Environment Day’s celebration today

World Environment Day (WED)’s celebration is yearly on 5 June. “In the universe are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy are billions of planets, but there is Only One earth.”

It’s the United Nations’ principal method for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. First held in 1973, it was a platform for fostering awareness on environmental issues. This issue includes marine pollution, overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption and wildlife crime.

WED is a global platform for public awareness, with participation from over 143 countries yearly. The program has provided a forum for businesses, non-government organizations, communities, governments and celebrities to defend environmental causes yearly.

WED was launched in 1972 by the United Nations at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment on fifth of June 1972, that had resulted from dialogues on the integration of human interactions and the environment.


“Dear Human, It’s me, Earth. Happy WED!  See, I’ve been around here for quite some time now, long before you walked through my lands and sailed across my ocean. We used to live in harmony, but you’ve changed. Because of you, Nature is in danger. Because of your actions, the biodiversity that sustains you faces mass extinction. Now it is time to act for Nature before it’s too late. We all depend on you, let’s live together in harmony again.” According UNESCO post on Instagram.



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