Zain Launches iCard Exclusive Payment Services via Mobile

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, launched iCard, a new exclusive mobile payment service that will provide customers with the safest and easiest way to get iTunes and CashU prepaid cards without the use of a credit card or K-Net. Convenience and utmost customer satisfaction are the key features of the new iCard services.

Speaking on the occasion of the service launch, Nadia Al Saif, Value added services director at Zain, said “As an undisputed pioneer in innovation Zain is the first operator in Kuwait and in the region at large to offer such a service.”

She added, “We are delighted to provide a new exclusive service to our valued customers demonstrating Zain’s firm commitment to innovation and access to mobile payments that facilitate the communication and lifestyle needs of our customers.”

In addition, Al Saif explained that the iCard Service, which offers two kinds of cards: iTunes and CashU, requires a card voucher which is ordered by SMS.

The payment for the voucher is done via the user’s mobile account balance.

Customer may simply recharge their mobile credit with 3.750 fils and then send S to the service number 92288.

Customers will then receive a message asking them to make their choice of card type and respond with a “K” for CashU cards or “I” for iTunes cards. Customers will then receive the voucher’s number, as AMEinfo stated.

Al Saif mentioned ,The iCard services will enable them to shop online with the CashU cards on websites ranging from entertainment (Al-Jazeera sports Channel subscription renewal), traveling and gaming (FarmVille and Playstation Network Cards) to communication (Skype) and social-networking (Facebook).

CashU, is a secure online payment method, which enables customers to purchase Facebook credits, to book hotels, pay for airfare, provides more secure purchases without the use of a credit card online.

Al Saif added, “As an undisputed leader in telecommunications technology, we are at the forefront of delivering the best services and cutting edge solutions to all our customers.”

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