12 officials from Egypt’s Red Sea governorate to be tried for corruption

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Egyptian prosecutors have referred 12 local officials in the Red Sea governorate to trial on charges of corruption, alleging they distributed plots of land improperly.

The administrative prosecution ordered on Saturday that the twelve people, who include the general secretary of the governorate, be tried on charges of “distributing 46 plots of land to the wives and sons of officials at the governorate,” according to the prosecution report.

The report has also showed that officials at the governorate’s people assembly were given residential units which they were not entitled to.

The prosecution has received many complaints from residents who were eligible to receive the land and the residential units in the town of Safaga.

In September, agriculture minister Salah Helal and 11 other officials were stripped of their posts and referred to trial over corruption charges. A gag order was imposed on the case.

source: Ahram Online