3 Gulf Firms to execute One million Feddans Reclamation Project – Phase I

Three Gulf contracting firms operating in the Egyptian market have won a tender to carry out the first phase of the One Million Feddans Reclamation Project in the country.

According to Hassan Abdel Aziz – Chairman of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC), the three Gulf firms are specilised in contracting and land reclamation works.

The chairman also stated that Egypt’s Irrigation Ministry had tasked the three Gulf firms with the implementation of the project’s first phase. The three firms announced that they are capable of executing the project and providing the necessary modern equipments for wells drilling works.

Abdel Aziz pointed out that EFCBC listed the three companies, among them is a Saudi company, to officially work in the Egyptian market and execute the project’s first phase. Those three companies will compete with major local contracting companies in the well drilling works.

The chairman further added that the Arab contracting companies have outstanding ability to execute the project in the light of enjoying the required latest equipments to drill new wells with the depth up to 1.000 meters underground.