A communiqué to Prosecutor General accuses CBE of EGP 20 mln Squandering

Arab Center for Integrity and Transparency issued a communiqué to prosecutor general against Farouk Al Okdah, governer of Central Bank of Egypt, about squandering EGP 20milion of public money in renewing the database systems licenses.

The Center illustrated in the communiqué no.759\ 2011 filed by the center’s manager Shehata Mohammed Shehata and Amr Mousa- the former director of Internal Audit Department of Information Technology- that the information technology and payment systems sector in February 2010 sent a large number of EGP 10.5 million invoices, about renewing “Oracle” database systems licenses, to the general directorate of administrative and technical affairs. The total rate annually offsets EGP 3.5 million for 3 years; 2007\2008, 2008\2009, 2009\2010.

The communiqué added that although the sum to be paid is huge for CBE, but the weirdest is that it covers past years; 2007\2008- 2008\2009, even the known in all service fields is that payment is before service.

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