NBE ignores Cabinet’s requset to return fired employees

National Bank of Egypt’s president, Tarek Amer, ignored the Cabinet’s three communications requesting to return NBE’s 154 fired employees whose two-year contracts were terminated.

NBE’s employees, who worked at Data Updating Unit, demonstrated many times at the Cabinet who afterwards sent three communications in last February, but Amer did not respond till now.

NBE’s employees said that they did not hold a sit-in at the Bank, as they waited till NBE respond to the Cabinet’s communications.

NBE’s employees decided to hold an open ended sit-in next Sunday at NBE’s headquarter, demanding to be fully appointed, as they were fired after failing in the Bank’s exams after working for two years with a LE 700 salary.

Tarek Amer, president of NBE, promised them in the beginning of February that there will another exam for them and who pass it will be appointed for 6 months. However, the employees were fired afterwards.