Accept is bringing digitalization to world of payments

The people behind PayMob just launched a sister company Accept Payments and are helping businesses grow by offering a single solution for companies to accept different payment methods for their products and services.

These payment methods include: cash & card on delivery, cash collection, mobile wallet payments, Kiosk payments and online card payments.

“Our aim is to enable businesses to reach their maximum growth potential and guarantee each sale, by reaching every sector possible and allowing their clients to pay them whichever way they choose at an affordable price,” Islam Shawky, Co-Founder and CEO of Accept.

Over the past years, Egypt has proven itself an emerging market with different businesses paving the way to economic growth. An essential factor of this economic growth is digitalization.

One of the key elements of digitalization is digitizing payments, which not only contributes to business and economic growth, but also give a push towards financial inclusion. Financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity.

The initiative of the “National Council for Payments” was established in 2017 aiming at reducing the use of banknotes outside the banking system and giving electronic payments and national payment systems a push.

This led to Egypt being chosen, along with China and Mexico, as a model country in a new Financial Inclusion Global Initiative by the World Bank Group in July 2017.

One of the important benefits of Accept, is the reduction of fixed costs, since the company only charges their merchants for each transaction made allowing the business to tie their expenses to their revenue.

The company offers its clients a single integration for businesses to have access to each and every payment method they offer without any setup or maintenance fees allowing the business to keep its fixed costs to a minimum.

Accept has a broad portfolio of businesses making use of their services and has developed different products suitable for businesses of different scales and sizes.It allows merchants to integrate with the service on their websites and additionally serves other businesses such as startups and smaller size businesses to collect their payments through social media using their standalone tools.

The company aims towards having as many merchants as possible benefit from their services by offering their clients different payment methods that allow them to pay for products and services received at their own convenience.

Whether the company is present online or offline, Accept comes to the market with a single solution that is adaptable to the scale and scope of a business with a single purpose in mind: strengthening the economy through business growth and supporting the nation in the push towards financial inclusion through a scalable and sustainable solution.