Acumen-Egypt Eyes Boosting its Capital to EGP50mln

Egypt-based Acumen Holding seeks boosting its capital from EGP30million to EGP50million for the implementation of the company’s targeted plans that aim more expansions and support brokerage activity along with creating strong presence in brokerage and mutual funds, Managing Director Rana Adawi revealed.

The current capitalization of Acumen is EGP30million, EGP20million for brokerage firm and EGP10million for Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds, Adawi Spoke to Amwal Al Ghad.

Brokerage activity is one of the major activities which Acumen depends on, as through brokerage the company implements its strategic expansion that will allure much more customers and upgrade the assets’ size to EGP1.5billion by the end of the current year.