Administrative Development Presents a Five-Year Plan of 400 million EGP

Administration of “Administrative Development” proposed its five-year plan –form 2012 to 2017- including 5 main themes at a cost of 400 million EGP.

Dr. Ashraf Abd El Wahab the Acting Minister of Administrative Development, said that the 400 million – dedicated for the ministry- represent a direct finance from the state’s safe, and he mentioned that the ministry may receive a full billion EGP to establish its projects, in case of increasing the number of projects related to the themes that will be issued within the new strategy.

Abd El Wahab added that the first theme aims at improving administrative and productive structures of the government, as he assured the necessity of launching new communication channels between the citizen and the government, regarding the reliance on information technology.

He clarified that the ministry’s main focus is represented in providing and connecting citizens’ data base, as this will ease the governmental procedures, and he confirmed that increasing the number of technological centers is the theme that leads the ministry to activate its strategy.

Abd El Wahab said that providing government to government services; will make citizens able to benefit from all governmental services, as this service is known as the “Single Window”, and he said that the last theme of the strategy indicates enabling people with special needs, as their count reached form 10 to 12 million, according to the last statistics.

He mentioned that the ministry has started presenting services to people with special needs, such as Elections website services, as it provided sign language for people with hearing problems, and readable services for people with eyesight problems.

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