Ahmed Ezz Grievance Session Adjourned Until November 29

North Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Judge Mohamed Khalafallah, adjourned the first session of considering the grievance submitted by Ahmed Ezz, the Secretariat of the dissolved National Democratic Party, till November 29 session to implement the defense demands. Ahmed Ezz is remanded over corruption case, and he, his wife and sons are banned from spending their money.

The Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) has decided to freeze the funds of Ahmed Ezz and his wife, till finishing the investigations over his wealth, as it is suspected that Ahmed Ezz has used his power and profiteering.

The investigations of the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) revealed that Ahmed Ezz in 2008 received a free license from the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), to operate DRI by Ezz Steel; violating the laws without paying the state’s due fees. This represents squandering the public fund, and monopolizing the Egyptian market of steel.