Al Hilal Islamic Banking Board Meetsa

An expanded meeting for al Hilal Islamic Banking Sharia Supervisory Board was held recently at ahlibank’s head office in Wattiyah.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Ali Mohyeddin al Qurah Daghi, and included Dr. Farid Mohammed Hadi, Dr. AbdulAziz al Qasar and Sheikh Aflah bin Ahmed bin Hamad al Khalili and Azhar Hamid.

During the meeting of Al Hilal’s Sharia Supervisory Board a number of approvals were attained which included approvals on products and their features, as well as the approval of the prospectus of the upcoming Sharia complaint Al Hilal Mena Fund which will be launched in the near future and approval of this year’s Shaira Audit and training plan.

Chairman of Board of Directors, CEO of Ahli Bank and Abdullah bin Salem al Jabri, Deputy GM and Head of al Hilal Islamic Banking also visited Sharia Supervisory Board and acknowledged Sharia governance system of AlHilal Islamic Banking Services. Abdullah bin Salem al Jabri, Deputy GM and Head of al Hilal Islamic Banking said, “Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services seeks to serve all its customers with truth and transparency in banking. Founded on the tenets of Shari’a Laws, Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services integrates Islamic disciplines in life and lifestyles across traditions, cultures and heritage. Offering a wide spectrum of Islamic banking products and services with the largest Islamic Banking branch network in the Sultanate.”

Oman Daily Observer