AlexBank provides instant money transfer service to Egyptians in Jordan

The Jordan Post Service and AlexBank, a member of Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo, signed an agreement on Thursday to allow Egyptians in the kingdom easily transfer their remittances to homeland.

Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan Tarek Adel and Jordanian Communications and Information Technology Minister Majd Shweikeh attended the deal signing.

Through this instant service, Egyptians in Jordan can now send their money transfers through the 300 branches of the Jordanian Post Service and beneficiaries back home could easily get them from any of the 170 branches of Bank of Alexandria, the Egyptian diplomat said.

The diplomat said the deal will increase remittances sent by Egyptians in the kingdom to the homeland, according to a statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

It will also help boost relations between Egypt and Jordan, he added.

Source: MENA