Apple to launch first store in Saudi Arabia – minister

U.S. Technology company Apple will open soon a centre in the logistics area at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh for distributing its products and spare parts, Saudi Investment minister Khalid Al-Falih, said on Monday.

Al-Falih said that large number of international companies, including Google, Alibaba, Microsoft and IBM, have invested or intend to invest soon in the technology field in the Kingdom.

The minister indicated that this comes within the framework of attracting such investments to the Kingdom and linking them with the field of developing the human element and capabilities.

He also explained that these investments will coupled with the development of human resources through the partnership of these companies with academies, universities and training centres.

Apple Women’s Developer Academy, headquartered in Riyadh has celebrated the graduation of 103 female trainees as the first batch to be graduated from the academy.

The Academy opened in June of 2021, as part of its strategic partnership with the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has reviled in October its plans to launch special economic zones that provide incentives to invest in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and cloud computing.

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