Apple Watch shipments said to more than double by 2021

IDC said that shipments of the Apple Watch will more than double by 2021. The research firm said it estimates Apple shipped 31.6 million Apple Watches in 2017, but that Apple will ship more than twice that — 71.5 million units — by 2021.

Apple has gained traction by focusing on health features, including heart-rate tracking and exercise apps. The newest model also added a cellular chip so that the watch can be used without a phone nearby, like when a user is out on a walk or a jog.

IDC said it also expects a similar trend across all smart wearables — including smart watches, clothing and so-called “earwear” — by 2021. IDC said 113.2 million such devices shipped this year but that the market will balloon to 222.3 million wearables shipped in 2021.

Source: CNBC