Arab Contractors Co. Competing to Implement 10 Fresh Silos for Wheat

Eng. Mohammed Mohsen Salah the Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, has revealed that his company is competing with a number of firms in order to implement 10 new mental silos for wheat to the Ministry of Supply, as part of its strategy plan to store wheat in the new silos, in the auction which announced by the Ministry.

Salah has explained to Amwal Al Ghad that Arab Contractors has a great experience in the implementation of wheat storage silos, as the company took over implementing 70% of the wheat silos in Egypt, whereas the rest firms took the implementation of 30% from silos.

Salah has pointed out that the company is studying a new auction in the current period in cooperation with the Egyptian Military which offered on the company to implement 25 silos up EGP 60 million and with funding from UAE, explaining that the company has inaugurated two fresh silos in Kafr-El-Sheikh in the last week.