Arab Contractors keen to participate in King Salman Bridge to link Africa with Asia

Egypt’s state owned, Arab Contractors, is keen on participating in building a bridge linking Saudi Arabia and Egypt- “King Salman Bridge”, First Vice-Chairman Sayed Farouk said Wednesday.

The Red Sea Bridge has been announced during the second day of the Saudi king’s visit to the Egyptian capital, Cairo that ended last Monday.

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said the bridge would be named after the Saudi king. The proposed bridge will play a great role in stimulating trade, industry and investment between the two countries.

Farouk told Amwal Al Ghad that his company has substantial experience in building bridges and roads; it has participated in erecting bunch of bridges in the African countries.

He added that building the promising bridge would take around three years with a total length of 25 km.

A Red Sea bridge linking the two countries has been proposed several times before but has failed to become a reality.

Previous estimates for the bridge project suggested a cost of around $3-4 billion (£2-3bn), but no further information has yet been released