Canada-Egypt trade exchange grows 12.6% in 2016

Trade exchange between Egypt and Canada have increased 12.6 percent to $1.030 billion during 2016, from $914.7 million a year earlier, Egyptian Minister of Industry Tarek Qabil announced Sunday.

Egypt’s exports to the Canadian market have jumped by 35 percent to $780 million throughout 2016, compared to $580 million in 2015, Qabil made these remarks after he received the latest report released by the Egyptian Commercial Office in Montreal.

On the contrary, Egypt’s imports from Canada have fallen 25 percent to $250.5 million, from $334.7 million in 2015.

“2016 has witnessed a boom in Egypt’s export activity to Canada, notably in carpet, ready-made garments, food products, orange, onion, and medical herbs industries.” Ahmed Antar, head of the Egyptian Commercial Services Office (ECS), said.

“There was a number of commodities Egypt has exported to the Canadian market for the first time during 2016 such as onion and lemon.” Antar added.

Egypt’s exports of orange to Canada soared 500 percent during 2016, Antar stated.