Ceramica Prima to establish new factory to locally produce zinc

Ceramica Prima, leading manufacturer of high quality wall, floor & decorative ceramic tiles in MENA, seeks to establish a new factory to locally produce Zinc with total investments of 40 million Egyptian pounds during 2020.

zinc oxide is used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics. One of its main roles is as a fluxing agent in the preparation of frits and enamels for ceramic objects (such as wall and floor tiles, or for sanitary and tableware objects).

The company is currently producing 400 million metre square of ceramics annually, while exporting10 percent of its total production.

However, the company used to export 30 percent of its total production during the last couple of years.

He added that the company’s plans for the next year include increasing the local components especially when they import only 10 percent of the raw materials.