ECA Meets US Embassy’s Officials To Fight Tax Evasion

The Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) will have a meeting today with some officials from the US embassy to Cairo to discuss several joint topics and to enhance the ways of cooperation between the two countries for fighting the tax evasion.

A reliable source in ECA said it is expected that some officials from ECA will convene a meeting the US embassy’s officials to reinforce the ways of cooperation and exchange the information between the two countries to fight against the tax evasion.

The source added that the Egyptian American cooperation aims at increasing the mutual quality criterion in implementing the international commercial agreements, in addition to facilitating the mutual customs deals. The US side, the source said, provides assistance to all the authorities and bodies based on implementing the law across the world.

This comes in the framework of the USA’s support to the Egyptian Customs Authority in order to carry out the best practices in the field of protecting the administrative responsibility of the workers, as well as improving their skills in this field.

The US side provided the technical support necessary to Egypt that concerns developing the Egyptian customs system. It also contributed to reopening the National Customs Training Institute in Alexandria.