EFSA Says EGP12.2bln Premiums of Insurance Companies in 2013

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The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) announced that the insurance companies which operating in the domestic market success in attaining EGP12.2billion insurance premiums in 2013, against EGP10.6billion in 2012, while the total compensations which paid by the insurance companies reached up EGP6.7billion in 2013, compared to EGP7.6 in 2012.

EFSA explained in its annual report that the total assets of insurance companies reached EGP47.7billion at June-end, against EGP43billion in the previous year.

The total investments of insurance companies up EGP42.3billion in compared to EGP38.6billion in 2012.

EFSA announced its funds which reached 23funds so the total numbers of funds are 640 with EGP40billion total assets.