EGX earns L.E7b in Today’s Morning Trading

The EGX has managed to earn L.E7 billion during the first-minute trading today, therefore, the market capital of the listed stocks has reached L.E375.782 billion.

EGX30 has witnessed a rise of %2.73 to reach 5.238p. EGX20 has also witnessed a rise of %4.97 to reach 6.094p. In addition, EGX70 has witnessed an increase of %0.88 to reach 484.06p; the EGX100 has witnessed a gain of %1.53 to reach 813p.

The market has recorded an amount of trading valued at L.E4.623 million through a volume of trading amounted to 1.805 million shares for the 382transactions.

This was after trading in 72 listed securities; the price of 45 rose and of 21 downed while the price of the rest (6 securities) remained fixed.

On Monday’s trading session, Egyptians and Arabs were responsible for purchasing activity for L.E1.214 million and L.E227 thousand respectively, while the foreign investors made up L.E1.442 million of the selling activity.