Hossam Saleh: A New Phase Of Technology Coming Through

Hossam Saleh, Vice CEO of Trade Fairs International, the organizer of Cairo ICT 2012, affirmed that the upcoming Cairo ICT poses itself as a unique event in special times. The times we speak about are economic difficulties the entire world is going through and Spring countries of the region in particular. The special times are also times when the African continent is seeking to come closer to preserve its wealth for its sons, while also the present time omens a new phase of technology coming through. And that’s what Cairo ICT 2012 is all about.

Saleh added that 5 African Ministers present at the opening of the event along with officials from Egypt and other Arab countries will be looking at the latest trends of technology around the world and the outcome of investment in technology in Egypt and will be part of prolonged debates on means of cooperation for the welfare of the continent and the region.

WSA Awards are promised to be given to winners from 40 different countries at a magnificent ceremony at the Citadel, that adds charm to the charm of the Cairo nights in this season of spring. WSA will be running forums and seminars for three days that will enrich our profile of informative conference sessions.

“Heated debates and eye-opening sessions at the ICT Forum will bring together a unique set of speakers and an audience hungry for knowledge and learning. The program this year is one that will amaze and please attendees” Saleh said.