EGX Plays Crucial Role in Egyptian Economy: Chairman

Dr. Mohamed Omran, the Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) stated that during the last five years, the EGX has managed to save around EGP 80 billion for corporate finance. This has led to pushing the production wheel forward, to stimulating economic growth and to creating thousands of job opportunities.

“The EGX has succeeded in saving around EGP 8 billion last year in the form of corporates’ capital increase, despite the crisis.” said Dr. Omran whilst celebrating the opening of the EGX’s new headquarters in Smart Village in which a number of ministers and officials have attended.

He also added that the EGX over the 130 years since its inception has been serving as the Unknown Soldier in Egypt’s economy, though the hard times the country went through.

“The EGX assumes crucial role in serving the Egyptian economy. Yet, rumours still go around that the EGX is not highly effective..”

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