EGX’s Early Trading drops L.E265 million amid EGX70’s Decline

During Wednesday’s early trading, EGX incurred losses of L.E265 million. Therefore, the capital market reached L.E391.945 billion.

The main index, EGX 30, rose 0.16% to reach 5437.23p. EGX20 also increased by 0.33% to reach 6492.95p.

On the other hand, the mid- and small-cap index, the EGX70 dipped 0.81% to reach 526.81p. Price index EGX100 also dropped 0.50% to reach 884.08p.

The market recorded turnovers of L.E45.988 million through a volume of trading amounted to 9.384 million shares making up 3.004 thousand transactions.

This was after trading in 129 listed securities; 36 up and 82 down while 11keeping their previous levels.

Arab and foreign investors have made up sales deals to record the difference amount between their sales and purchases deals as L.E6.182 million and L.E447 thousand respectively.

Elsewhere, Egyptian investors were responsible for the purchases deals seizing 77.38% of the total market noting the difference amount between their purchases and sales as L.E9.629 million.