Egypt, Abu Dhabi Sign Agreement Developing Maritime Transportation

The Red Sea Port Authority signed  an agreement Wednesday along with the general authority for Abu Dhabi Ports to boost the relations between Egypt and UAE.

The agreement is also aimed at developing both countries’ maritime transportation system, according to a press statement.

Minister of Transportation Hany Dahi said the agreement seeks to form new joint companies between both sides to encourage specialised companies’ investments. This would be focused on maritime transportation and ports development, and helping to pump in more investing opportunities.

Dahi emphasised that the substantial aim of the agreement is to exchange experiences in ports development and management.

He explained there will be the application of the latest technological systems of ports development, work mechanisation and integration between the port community and logistics. Moreover, it includes training to workers in the field of management and technical support for electronic management.

“Both sides will promote two main things, which are the other country’s port along with its free trade zone in order to be indentified enough to the maritime companies, exports, imports companies and shipping agents,” Dahi said.

The agreement aims to develop maritime legislation, combat marine pollution and encourage cooperation between national marine companies in both countries.

The press statement added that this promotion will help each country to benefit from the facilities available in both ports and free zones. The facilities include the quality of both services and infrastructure, the availability of equipments and the ports capacity to various ships and goods.

Source: Daily News Egypt