Petroleum, Energy Ministers Will Discuss Energy Issues With Business News

Business News Media and Conferences Foundation will hold the second annual energy conference entitled “Energy and Future of Investment in Egypt”, under the auspices of Sherif Ismail, Minister of Petroleum, and Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity. The conference will take place in the Intercontinental Hotel – City Stars on the 22 February 2015.

Business News Chairman Mostafa Sakr, declared that the conference coincides with the time in which the country witnesses the great preparations for the announcement of Egypt’s investment strategy – within the economic summit in March 2015 – and the importance of the energy file for the future of investment, progress and stability in Egypt.

The conference panels will discuss the country’s strategy regarding the appropriate energy mix that meets the country’s needs of development over the coming years in the light of the steps taken by the government to pay foreign partners’ dues and the impact of this on oil investments and feed-in tariff for new energy as well as what it has witnessed by qualifying 136 companies in addition to global and Arab alliances to invest in solar energy and wind power projects.

The conference monitors the prospects of investment in new energy, its impact on the future of locally manufactured  components, localisation of technology and the applications associated to it, in addition to the role of new energy projects in job creation, the vision of global companies regarding the steps taken by the government, as well as the opportunities for domestic production of solar energy along with turning consumers into producers and the revenues resulting from those investments besides the banks’ financing role which  saves energy and creates a new bridge for small business.

The conference also focuses on the electricity management system in Egypt, the efficiency of operating and maintenance, consumption rationalisation means, the role of smart electricity meters in running the energy distribution processes, the role of smart networks in the transmittal efficiency and the regulations of energy tariff that are required from the traditional power plants to reinforce the private sector role in energy production.

The conference will cover the role of energy in supporting investment plans in both the production and service sectors through the participation of a number of businessmen and chairmen of establishments, factories, transport, tourism and real estate companies to outlook those sectors’ and companies’ plans in expansion and growth, according to the available energy plans for the coming years and how to put forward industrial projects in stimulus packages associated with saving energy price and the impact of the development of the energy pricing equation on the Egyptian industry.

The conference will discuss the new energy role in building and tourism projects. It will also go through the challenges facing the production and exporting energy in Egypt along with the development needs, the role of the private sector, the rules and regulations required to organise exporting and the role of the authority of the circulation and organisation of energy in Egypt.

“Business News” is a specialised enterprise in media, conferences and events. It is also the organiser of the annual summit of cars “Egypt Automotive”, the annual energy conference, the annual conference for Social Responsibility in Egypt and the future of investment in the medical sector.

Source: Daily News Egypt