Egypt Announces Ceasefire Agreement, Says Gaza-Israel’s Crossing To Be Opened

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Egypt’s foreign ministry announced a ceasefire between Palestinians and Israelis on Tuesday at 19 00 CLT .

The ministry’s statement said that the ceasefire will coincide with the opening of all crossings between Gaza and Israel to “facilitate the flow of humanitarian and emergency aid and construction” and fishing within a six nautical mile zone.

The text also reveals that indirect negotiations between the two factions [Palestinians and Israelis] will continue regarding other matters within a month of the ceasefire’s enforcement

The ceasefire will put an end to over 50 days of Israeli assault on the Gaza strip.

The assault, which started on 8 July, has killed at least 2,133 Palestinians and wounded more than 11,000, according to Palestinian health officials and the United Nations.

The UN estimates more than 17,000 homes have been destroyed, leaving 100,000 people homeless.

On the Israeli side, 68 people have been killed, all but four of them soldiers

Source : Ahram online