Egypt -Spain Business Council to send businessmen delegation to Spain in Q1 2018

Egypt -Spain Business Council  aims to organize an Egyptian promotional mission to the Spanish market to attract investments during the first quarter of 2018, Maged al-Menshawy  the head of the Egyptian side said.

He told Amwal Al Ghad that the purpose of this visit seeks is to pinpoint the economic reforms measures  undertaken by the Egyptian government  during the last period to the Spanish business community. These measures include the liberalization of exchange rate, attracting new investments in the Egyptian market especially within the infrastructure  field and developing  railway signals.

al-Menshawy added that the Egyptian economic climate has become more attractive after the issuance of the new investment law and it executive regulations.

On the other hand, The trade exchange between Egypt and Spain has increased 17 percent to register  €1.6 billion compared to €1.3 billion  at the same period a year earlier. While, the Egyptian exports has recorded €779 million and Egypt’s imports from Spain has posted €823 million