Egypt to organise global medical tourism conference in Sharm El-Sheikh early March

Egypt is set to organise an international conference on medical tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh in early March 2017, South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda announced Wednesday.

The Egyptian official further stated that the conference aims to showcase the capacities of medical tourism including sulfur water in Hammam Moussa region in Tur Sinai and Pharaoh’s Baths in Ras Sidr.

The medical tourism also involves black sand medical herbs in Saint Catherine, 120 km away from Nuweiba, as well as major hospitals in Sharm El-Sheikh, Fouda clarified.

Fouda added that the governorate is coordinating currently with a number of states’ representatives that have an experience in the field of medical tourism including Hungary, Austria, and Russia.

He concluded that it is scheduled to organise a tour for senior characters and doctors as well as experts in order to study the potentials of building a resort and a global medical centre.