Egypt to start door-knock mission to UK late November

The British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) will send its annual door-knock mission to the UK late November, its Egyptian head Khaled Nosseir announced on Sunday.

The mission of around 40 Egyptian financial institutions and firms will be scouting for new grounds of cooperation between the two countries and promoting the available investment opportunities in Egypt, Nosseir said. 

Investment opportunities will be presented in the sectors of energy, financial services, education, and health, he added.

“The two countries are still at the stage of negotiations whether to renew a bilateral trade agreement after UK leaves the EU as planned on 29 March 2019,” Nosseir said.

“The time of the new mission is perfect as UK will soon leave the EU and Egypt seeks to be a plausible alternative source to meet British market needs of commodities and goods,” Nosseir said.