Egypt, What is Next?

“I don’t know” is my answer to whoever asks me “What is going to happen in Egypt down the track?”  The matter has become obscure and transferred to be an alarming nightmare that you forget once you get up. Even if you stop for moments to think over what is going on, you will figure out the Tahrir Square, which is the birthplace of 25 January Revolution and Egypt’s prominent activists, became targeted to liquidate its icons.

A revolution has “taraf talet” (unknown third party) turned to a revolution antagonized by all the parties. I still remember that revolution which fascinated the world, and its youth who united the crescent with cross (Muslims and Christians) to be a bulwark against pharaoh’s soldiers in order to disclose the injustice.

History books have been accustomed to injustice and tyranny of rulers and their supporters who still neglect people’s opinions and listening apathetically to people moaning with grief and asking for bread, freedom and justice, but they eventually give them a ration of three loaves of bread after they waited in long queues to learn the everlasting lesson from the state of injustice which ruled that no voice shall be louder than the ruler’s voice and that democracy is practiced when the president talks to himself with his fake smile over a comfy throne, drawing the future of a nation that has no clue to its tomorrow.

I have no idea about Egypt’s future, but I definitely realize that this age resembles Egypt’s long history which was glorious to rulers, but miserable to people. However, the current rulers are unlike the former ones who practiced cruelty flagrantly and proscribed the killing of people without claiming to be fair.

For the pre-revolution regimes, they went on conquering their foes an eye for an eye using various methods seeking to liquidate their opponents.

On the contrary, the current regime has unfortunately lived the lie about being the compassionate and virtuous president; the legitimate ruler of the country for he came into office after holding the first free and fair elections since the outbreak of the revolution. However, these elections have brought Morsi and a former regime fellow together; the worse and the worst together.

Morsi has come into office surrounded by running mates who are much more powerful than him as he deliberately leaves his fate in their hands.

Egypt has started its Islamic era with receiving  a very cozy honest letter from one of the most influential figures in Islamic history Umar Ibn Al-Khattab dedicated to the River Nile talking to it giving it an image of an eminent man that he (Umar) wishes him more prosperity with the help of the Merciful God.

Unfortunately, Egypt has ended up now with seeing an entirely different regime ruling the country in the name of Islam that has nothing to do with the current regime’s false promises and controversial actions. In fact the great danger of the Muslim Brotherhood’s controversial actions lie in conveying untrue message that the Islamic ruling in Egypt is with no value and thorny.

Islamists have not learned the lesson from the former ousted ruling system in order to start a new promising beginning. No one knows Egypt’s future simply because we did not put any plans at all levels.

By the 21st century, it does not sound a common sense to resort to mumbo-jumbo tools in order to foresee Egypt’s coming next. Holding elections have not either managed to draw up Egypt’s future for they were held over the law’s dead body. The current regime has made use of the elections so as to discriminate on the basis of political affiliations.

It is just a matter of time and those who delayed today’s work until tomorrow will be filled with deep remorse … we must have a future well-based outlined plan for our country.

Things will not get better unless we all have a free will truly seeking to let Egypt for all the Egyptians so that we would together face the unknown coming up that seems fearful for not having a future pragmatic plan to face the country’s current challenges.