Egyptian Fine Arts Syndicate organises exhibition to help artists amid coronavirus

Egypt’s The General Syndicate of Fine Artists announced the launch of an initiative entitled “For the Sake of our Syndicate” for artists of different generations, Egypt Today reported on Sunday.

The initiative is made for the artists to contribute their work as a gift to the syndicate with the aim of making a large exhibition after the end of the coronavirus crisis, or of holding an online art exhibition.

The exhibition comes to allocate the profits to both the artists affected by the coronavirus and pensioners.

The syndicate invites artists who wish to participate to kindly send a message containing the name of the work, the image of the work in high quality, its dimensions and material to the email:

Artists who dedicated their work to the union include Ahmed Nawwar, Mohammad Hazem Fathallah, Safia al-Qabbani, Magdy Abdel Aziz, Hamdi Abu al-Maati , Ahmed Saqr, Taher Abdel Azim, Ashraf Zaki, Mason Qutb, Mahmoud Hamed, Tariq Abdel Aziz and Hassan Kamel.