Egyptian Football Association to hold meeting for league’s future: board member

Egyptian Football Association (EFA) board member Mohamed Fadl said on Sunday that the EFA will hold a meeting to determine the future of the domestic league, confirming that the Egyptian Cup will not be cancelled, Ahram Online reported.

“The EFA boss will hold a meeting with the sports minister, I think on Tuesday, to preview our full plan related to the league’s future,” Fadl told a television programme.

“The meeting will determine the league’s future,” he said.

“We are waiting for the country’s decision and we are ready for all scenarios, including returning or cancelling the competition,” Fadl added.

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) suspended all footballing activities on 15 March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but has not yet made an official decision regarding the future of the season.

“The Egypt Cup won’t be cancelled, as it could be played next season if the league were suspended,”

“We only have nine remaining games to finish the cup, but we still have 149 games in hand in the Premier League,” the EFA board member said.

Germany’s Bundesliga returned to action two weeks ago and most of the European leagues have said they will resume playing next month after similar periods of suspension.

The government has launched a three-phase plan to see suspended facilities re-open under new safety measures, such as mandatory mask-wearing, with officials saying it is necessary for the country to “coexist” with the virus