Egyptian MP to sue Parliament speaker

Hamdi al-Fakharani, an independent MP, plans to sue Parliament Speaker Mohamed Saad al-Katatny, after security denied him access to the parliament building to protest the use of force against demonstrators.

Fakharani says he left Parliament after Monday’s session to buy medication, and when he returned the guards denied him access to the building.

Fakharani told Al-Masry Al-Youm on Tuesday that he instructed his lawyer to file a case against Katatny, as he felt insulted by the denial.

MPs launched a Parliament sit-in on Monday to protest violence against demonstrators in the area surrounding Interior Ministry. The clashes left at least 8 dead.

Fakharani said the insult was greater than anything he had experienced under former President Mubarak. Fakharani explained that he was forced to sleep on the sidewalk while someone provided him with a blanket.

Fakharani raised the matter during Tuesday’s session. He said that Katatny failed to call him, despite the fact that satellite channels aired the incident immediately after it happened.

Katatny responded, saying that he does not need to follow satellite stations to know what is happening to MPs. He told Fakharani that there is no need for putting up a “show.”

Fakharani was interrupted by Muslim Brotherhood MPs and he repeated the words: “I want my rights.”

Katatny said that out of responsibility to protect Parliament given poor security near the building, he issued orders to disallow anyone into Parliament after MPs leave at the end of the day.