Perkins launches new compact power range for EP applications

Perkins is introducing a new range of its 400 Series ElectropaKs at Middle East Electricity 2012. Already established as a proven source of power for genset applications in regulated territories, the new line up is targeted at lesser and non-regulated countries.
The 400A range has been developed to provide cost effective power and the introduction of the 403A-15G2 model is particularly significant as it meets the all important 15kVA prime power node. This key node is normally met by using larger displacement engines but the improved power density, made possible through mechanical governing, of the 403A-15G2 means it offers the same performance but in a smaller package size.

There are four new engines in total, all of which come in ElectropaK specification providing a turnkey package for direct integration into generating plant. The 403A-11G1 offers 9.2kVA prime power at 1500 rpm, the 403-15G1 is rated at 13.2kVA prime power, slightly less than its G2 counterpart, while the larger displacement 404A-22G1 completes the line up with 20.3kVA prime power on tap.

The versatility of the range is further enhanced thanks to the facility to mechanically switch the engine between 50Hz and 60Hz according to the market requirement. This reduces inventory for OEMs selling into both markets.

In the field the 400A range offers a very competitive cost of ownership with the option of the Extended Service Interval (ESI) package, which doubles the service interval to 1,000 hours. OEMs and Perkins distributors will be allowed to source all the individual components to create an oil top up kit that meets Perkins’ recommended specification. As long as the kit is installed to Perkins’ standards, all warranty cover will be unaffected.

From its inception the 400 Series has always had the mantle of being ‘a world engine’ and to strengthen that position, the new 400A range will be manufactured in three locations – Peterborough (UK), Wuxi (China) and Griffin (North America) – to better serve the growing electrical power markets in the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Asia Pacific region.

With applications such as telecoms requiring reliable and compact power solutions, the 400A range looks set to offer OEMs and end users some tangible advantages in terms of power, performance and cost of ownership.