Egyptian President forms committee for Sinai Development project’s land plots

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has issued Monday a decree No. 107 of 2018 to constitute a committee in order to launch a number of land plots in Sinai Development flagship.

The committee will be headed by Ibrahim Mahlab, Egyptian Presidential Assistant for National and Strategic Projects and former acting Prime Minister.

Sisi has earlier urged all citizens and honest businessmen to donate for Tahya Misr Fund in order to finance development projects in Sinai.

Developing Sinai is a matter of national security to Egypt, Sisi said during his inauguration of the East Canal Command headquarters on Sunday 25/2/2018 where the tactics of Operation Sinai 2019 are being planned.

In press statements on Monday, Presidential spokesman Bassam Radi said the President made clear during his visit to the East Canal Command headquarters that Sinai Development process was launched in 2014 and will continue till 2022.

Last February, Sisi said the development flagships in Sinai will cost around 275 billion Egyptian pounds ($15.6 billion), a huge sum that needs the contribution of all Egyptians.

The projects cover the entire area of Sinai which total 60,000 square kilometres, almost the same size of the populated land in the entire Egypt, the spokesman said.

This means that Egypt is building a new state in Sinai, he further added.

The spokesman made clear that development works in Sinai aim at improving the living conditions of residents and luring Nile Valley occupants to live and work in Sinai.