Egyptian Steel inaugurates the 11th village of its reconstruction initiative

Egyptian Steel has inaugurated Sunday the 11th village, Toshka in Aswan of its initiative that aims to reconstruct the most needed villages in Upper Egypt region.

The inauguration was in the presence of Minister of Local DevelopmentAhmed ZakiBadr, Minister of International CooperationSahar Nasr, Ahmed AbouHashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel, Aswan governor MagdyHegazy, and MamdouhShabaan, General Manager of Dar El Orman Association.

Egyptian Steel will start works of reconstructing one more village in Sohag governorate as part of the company’s Initiative of Developing the Neediest Villages in Upper Egypt, said its chief executive AbouHashima.

Once we determine which village will be reconstructed, a search team from Egyptian Steel and Dar El Orman Association will move there for inspection and identifying its requirements, he added.

Minister Ahmed ZakiBadrhailed the sincere efforts of both the private sector and civil society represented in Egyptian Steel and Dar El Orman Association to bring the joy and delight on Egyptians’ hearts.

Sahar Nasr said that such major projects areamong the fruit results of private and pulibc-sector partnerships. This initiative is a live proof that private sector has a big role to play in community service, she added.