Egyptian Takaful Insurance: EGP20 mln Guarantee Premiums Polices in 12/13

Ahmed Arfeen – Managing Director at the Egyptian Takaful Insurance (Properties) revealed that his company attained EGP20 million premiums of guarantee polices within the last fiscal year of 2012/2013.

 Arfeen has informed Amwal Al Ghad that his company is planning to expand during the coming period in payment guarantee polices for the banks’ loans and social development fund, as Takaful will bear part from the loan against issuing the insurance polices on the rest properties and products.

 He pointed out that with this the company will achieve its future strategy which represented in the expansion of insurance polices on small and medium sized projects, noting that the company will call the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority in order to obtain the approval for issuing a group of products such as motor insurance polices so as to boost the company’s portfolio in the next period.

 He added that company has recently aimed launch creative marketing ways to make the best use of the Shareholding Structure which includes 7 banks, noting that addressing for customers and assets insurance will support the company’s  insurance portfolio as well as promoting the products of the company through its subsidiaries.