Egypt’s Chemical Industries Exports Hit EGP16.9 billion in 7 Months

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Egypt’s Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council (CEC) has registered an increase in exports during the first seven months of 2014 (from January to July).

CEC’s exports reached EGP 16.9 billion by end of July 2014, compared to EGP 16.8 billion for the same comparable period a year earlier.

According to a report released by the Foreign Trade Sector, plastics products have captured the lion’s share of CEC’s total exports during the period from January to July of 2014, recording EGP 5.9 billion.

Coming second in the list, fertilizers products have seized EGP 3.1 billion of CEC’s total exports. Inorganic chemicals products ranked third, with volume of exports worth EGP 1.8 billion.

Fourthly, the organic chemicals products have attained exports worth EGP 1.3 billion, the report added. The exports of the paper products came fifth, recording a value of around EGP 1.2 billion. Varity chemical products ranked sixth, registering a volume of exports of EGP 1.1 billion.

Furthermore, coming seventh in the list, glass and mirror products obtain exports worth EGP 762 million. Detergents and air refresher products went to the eighth position, with exports worth EGP 743 million. The rubber products ranked ninth, getting exports at value of EGP 454 million. Painting and ink products came tenth in the list, with exports worth EGP 297 million.  Eleventh, adhesives products reported around EGP 178 million in exports.

At the bottom of the list, natural coal & charcoals products, batteries products, and film materials and imaging products attained exports worth EGP 31 million, EGP 18 million, and EGP 2 million, respectively.

Moreover, the reported showed that EU countries were the largest recipients of the CEC’s exports, attaining EGP 6.8 billion. Arab countries ranked second, receiving exports amounting to EGP 3.6 billion. Third in the list, the US received exports worth EGP 440 million.

For the top importers of the CEC’s exports, Turkey received Egyptian exports worth EGP 2.6 billion. France came second, with imports worth EGP 2.05 billion. Third, Italy received exports of EGP 1.5 billion. Fourth in the list, Spain got Egyptian exports worth EGP 1.2 billion.